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Precisa XB-3200 D Decigram Lab Balance (0.1g)

Intell-Lab XB-3200D Precision Lab Balance
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Product Code: XB-3200D


Precisa XB 3200 D Decigram Laboratory Prime Precision Lab Balance

The Intell-Lab XB-3200D Precision Lab Balance is made with Force Compensation by Precisa. Force Compensation is an ultra precise, electromagnetic technology which ensures this balance is accurate. Ir is a rugged balance, designed to withstand the rigors of tough industrial conditions. These machines deliver results - simply. Precisa is setting new standards of weighing excellence in the high-end lab balance. The premium workmanship of the robust die-cast aluminum housing combined with the finest engineering materials and design provides excellent protection against mechanical and electrical interference. Bright fluorescent Display. RS232 Interface, Calibration Warning System, Optional Real-Time Clock. This is a superior quality balance Designed, Temperature Compensated and Inspected in Switzerland.
Force Compensation by Precisa
Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Calibration Warning System
Optional Real-Time Clock
Pan size: 6.8 X 6.8"
Units: g, mg,GN,dwt,oz t, oz, ct, C.M. tLH,tLM, tLT, mo, t, Bht