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J.A. King / KING Precision Measurement

We are very excited to announce our recently "inked" distributorship with J.A. King. We are now an authorized distributor of the KING Measurement product line in San Diego, and online. We have access to all J.A. King Fabric Yield Systems, as well as ALL Components and Accessories that are essential to the upkeep of these high-end instruments.

If you have any questions about specific part numbers, or which yield system would work best for you, please call... (855) 972-2537

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AATCC Blue wool L-2 AATCC Blue wool L-2
Our Price: $352.00
AATCC Red Dye 40 AATCC Red Dye 40
Our Price: $92.00
AATCC Shrinkage ruler AATCC Shrinkage ruler
Our Price: $192.00
AATCC Wrinkle tester AATCC Wrinkle tester
Our Price: $2,120.00
Bally cold flexometer system Bally cold Flexometer system
Our Price: $26,900.00
Bally Flexometer Bally Flexometer
Our Price: $9,850.00
Bean Bag Snag Tester Bean Bag Snag Tester
Our Price: $5,995.00
Brushing device Brushing device
Our Price: $1,277.00
Button Impact Tester Button Impact Tester
Our Price: $1,250.00
Calibration BST (Black Standard temperature) sensor Calibration BST sensor
Our Price: $561.00
Crockmeter electronic Crockmeter electronic
Our Price: $4,560.00
Crockmeter manual Crockmeter manual
Our Price: $1,128.00
Digital tachometer Digital tachometer
Our Price: $385.00
Digital yarn friction tester Digital yarn friction tester
Our Price: $13,450.00
Fiber mircoscope- digital Fiber mircoscope- digital
Our Price: $2,665.00
Gas Fume Chamber Gas Fume Chamber
Our Price: $9,595.00
ICI Mace snag tester ICI Mace snag tester
Our Price: $18,576.00
Illuminated magnifier Illuminated magnifier
Our Price: $258.00
J.A. King Universal Manual Sample Cutter SASD-688 J.A. King Universal Manual Sample Cutter SASD-688
List Price: $849.00
Our Price: $799.00 With FREE Shipping
Save $50.00!
L & M Sewability tester-measures needle penetration forces in fabric L & M Sewability tester
Our Price: $19,900.00
LAVA Software for KFY-1160X LAVA Software for KFY-1160X
Our Price: $2,700.00
Light meter digital Light meter digital
Our Price: $188.00
Minidryer and Stenter Minidryer and Stenter
Our Price: $8,950.00
Perspiration tester Perspiration tester
Our Price: $1,168.00
pH pencils-pack of 3 pH pencils-pack of 3
Our Price: $54.00
Pocket stroboscope Pocket stroboscope
Our Price: $864.00
Rotary hand cutter Rotary hand cutter
Our Price: $28.00
Set of Hanging Weights Set of Hanging Weights
Our Price: $536.00
Single yarn sample winder Single yarn sample winder
Our Price: $6,480.00
Spare 45mm dia. blade Spare 45mm dia. blade
Our Price: $12.00
Spare Burners (5) Spare Burner Tip (each)
Our Price: $192.00
Spare sample holders (5) Spare sample holder each
Our Price: $192.00
Spare sample holder each Spare sample holder each
Our Price: $192.00
Spare smple holder each Spare smple holder each
Our Price: $1,370.00
Spray rating tester Spray rating tester
Our Price: $1,576.00
Veslic rub fastness tester Veslic rub fastness tester
Our Price: $5,760.00
Yarn strength testing system Yarn strength testing system
Our Price: $18,310.00