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PSC Bench Counting Scales

The PSC-A Intelligent-Count series boasts a number of state of the art counting features that make counting more simple and more accurate than ever before. Auto piece weight enhancement allows for finer counting. Accumulation memory for weight and total count gives ability to add together weighings by count or weight. The full numeric keypad allows for user friendly operation and fast data entry. The Overweighing and counting alarm ensures fast throughput with fewer mistakes. Finally, the 8 x one touch piece weight PLU means that frequently used component sample weights can be stored in memory for easy retrieval. The PSC-AB-150 Intelligent-Count Counting Scale from Summit Measurement is a high quality, super precise innovation in counting scale technology. This scale is heavy duty, featuring rugged construction, a stainless steel platform cover, and an overload and shock protection mechanism to protect against excessive loads and shock, meaning this scale can put up with real industrial use. Additionally, the adjustable feet and spirit level allow the scale to remain level for accurate results on uneven working surfaces. The low profile construction of the scale allows for easy loading and unloading, and saves on storage space. The built-in rechargeable battery or external power adapter allows for maximum portability; the battery will last 200 hrs. When the battery does run low, the charge status indicator / low battery indicator will ensure that you are never caught without power unexpectedly. Display is adjustable through a 90 degree wide-angle backlit LCD display.