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Neutralize Static Electricity

To understand static electricity, we must remember that all matter is made up of atoms, which are themselves made up of charged particles. Atoms have a nucleus consisting of neutrons and protons. They also have a surrounding shell which is made up of electrons. Typically matter is neutrally charged, meaning that the number of electrons and protons are the same. If an atom has more electrons than protons, it is negatively charged. If it has more protons than electrons, it is positively charged.

Static electricity is all around us. We usually don't notice it, but it can wreak havoc in the lab. Just as static electricity attracts pieces of paper and plastic, it can attract metals to one another. This means that a balance which has been calibrated may weigh differently when a plastic boat, for example, is placed on the platter. The static in the boat will be attracted to the pan and the metal parts of the balance will be attracted to everything around it. An activity as simple as pouring powder into a weigh boat on the balance platter can end in disaster as the powder can often be seen to change direction in mid-air and stick to the nearest attracting surface.

Staticmaster is a Polonium 210 element which emits alpha particles (positively charged atoms) which collide with molecules of air, creating a supply of oxygen and nitrogen ions sufficient to neutralize both positive and negative static charges.
It is silent, clean and completely safe, and is easy to fit to existing equipment such as balances.