Summit Measurement Offers ATEX - IECEx Approved Versions of Several Straightpoint Products

Summit Measurement offers ATEX approved versions of several Straightpoint products, including Radiolink Plus and the Wireless Controller, Wireless Loadshackles, Wireless Compression Load Cells, the Running Line Dynamometer and the Load Pin. These are available on request with separate pricing.

What does this mean? Manufacturers are responsible for identifying potentially explosive atmospheres in their work environment and implementing appropriate control measures. Proper control measures include the use of Ex approved equipment. ATEX - IECEx (or Ex approved) means the product is approved for use in hazardous gas environments where there cannot be a spark. The products are approved by CSA Group, which is a world leader in certifying products for explosion and functional safety. CSA Group sets the standard globally for ATEX and IECEx Certification. A Certificate of ATEX - IECEx Conformation will be provided when you purchase an ATEX approved product from Summit Measurement.

How are Straightpoint products made safe from explosion? Straightpoint products are made safe for use in hazardous areas via three important modifications. First, the electronics inside the strain gauge are filled with potting material. Second, a suppression diode is used so there is no current to cause a spark. Finally, the device uses ATEX approved batteries.

Who should use Ex approved equipment? Any job undertaken in a potentially explosive atmosphere should use Ex approved equipment. Explosive atmospheres can be found in LNG plants, oil tankers, BOP Cranes, On and Offshore oil and gas rigs, Petrochemical refineries, Fuel distribution depots and oil and gas pipelines. Other hazardous areas might be found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as producers and users of solvents, paints, varnishes and other flammable liquids.

If your job is in a hazardous area, you can rest assured you are using the best, certified protection with Straightpoint ATEX - IECEx approved equipment. Please call us at 855-972-2537 for more information and a quote.