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This is our BLOG.

This page will be the hub for our article posts. Feel free to browse the following links for articles and content that may help you in your search for new scales and balances. You will find information to help choose the best balance, or information to help understand the unique features many of our balances offer. You will also find some of our happy customers and see how they use Summit Measurement scales and balances.


Article # 332 March 2024
Professional Ink Mixing Scale: New Options for an Old Favorite

Article # 331 February 2024 Buying a Paint Mixing Scale
Buying a Paint Mixing Scale

Article # 330 January 2024
Laundry Scales - Unsung Hero of Wash/Dry/Fold

Article # 329 April 2023
Scales for Schools: Classroom Scales and Balances at Summit Measurement

Article # 328 March 2023
Choosing the Best Brewery Scales

Article # 327 March 2023
Gravity NTEP Bench Scales

Article # 326 October 2022
Balances for Calculating Density and Specific Gravity

Article # 324 May 2022
Commercial Food Scales for Professional Catering

Article #319 - May 2021
A Buyer's Guide to Baking Scales

Article #318 - April 2021
What you should know about Jewelry Scales

Article # 317 - February 2021
Best Growing and Cultivation Scales for Cannabis Manufacturing

Article # 316 - January 2021
"E" = "D" What Does That Mean?

Article #313 - May 2020
Calibration Weights: What�s the difference between a Traceable Certificate and a NVLAP+ Accredited Certificate?

Article #310 - January 2019
I need an NTEP Laundry Scale - What does that mean?

Article #309 - November 2018
Guide to buying Analytical Balances (0.0001g)

Article #307 - February 2021
Cannabis Dispensary Scale Buying Guide

Article #306 - August 2018
Professional Ink Mixing Scale - HRB-3002

Article #305 - July 2018
Matching a corresponding shackle to your Radiolink or Compound Plus Dynamometer

Article #304 - June 2018
What is an IP rating? Something to do with water??

Article #303 - April 2018
FREE Bluetooth APP available for all Straightpoint Wireless Products

Article #302 - February 2018
Summit Measurement Offers ATEX - IECEx Approved Versions of Several Straightpoint Products


Article #260
When You DON'T Need NTEP for Wrestling!

Article #261
When to buy a "Spring Dial Scale"

Article #262

Article #263
How Textile Scales Work... GSM Explained.

Article #264
Why Do Wrestling Scales Come NTEP Certified?

Article #265
Straightpoint Digital Dynamometers Direct from USA Warehouse

Article #266
Glass fiber pads and Aluminum Sample pans from

Article #267
Our First Print Ad ever- LabManager Magazine, September 2013.

Article #268
Tuning Fork Balances- The VIBRA range is here.

Article #269
OUR SCALES IN USE - Customer Highlight: Peltier Glassworks.

Article #270
"What is NTEP?"- A brief and limited history of the NCWM and N.T.E.P.

Article #271

Article #272
Our New Favorite Analytical Balance. The HT224R

Article #273
Introducing our newest range: Digital Handheld Force Gauges

Article #276
KING Fabric Yield Systems now Available from

Article #279
AWS440 Nominated as best Personal / Fitness Scale in 2014 Weighing Review Awards

Article #280
Truth in the Weighing Business: Honest Scales and Balances - by Austin Helton

Article #281
Why we make changes, and our promise to continue...

Article #284
Rounding errors and buying an extra decimal place- by Austin Helton

Article #285
Buy in bulk and save HUGE with automated volume discounts!!

Article #286
Sample count automation, human error, and database utilization. How to save money by automating and integrating your counting scales with an inventory management system. by Austin Helton

Article #292
"Weighing in" on Laundry Scales - by Caroline Colt

Article #293
Replacing blades in a rotary style GSM cutter - By Peter Colt

Article #294
Everything You Need to Know about Farmer's Market Scales - By Caroline Colt

Article #298
Summit Measurement Bench Scales - SIMPLIFIED

Article #299
How to Choose the Right Moisture Balance

Article #300 - May 2018
What is Under Balance Weighing?