Everything You Need to Know About Farmer's Market Scales

From large, durable scales for heavy produce, to price computing scales to hanging scales for beans and everything in between, our assortment of scales for Farmer's Markets will have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about our selection.

Farmer's Market Scales

Spring has arrived, and as you open your farm stand and prepare for farmers markets, we would like to tell you about some of the
Farmers Market Scales we offer.

At Summit, we offer a variety of NTEP Farmers Market Scales. NTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program, and is administered by the National Conference on Weights and Measures. It is an indication that the scale meets the government standards required for over the counter sales. Whether you are using your scale to sell produce at a farm stand or at the farmers market, if you sell by weight you must use an NTEP scale.

Bench Scales

Our APM NTEP portable bench scale is ideal for weighing large bulky items such as bags of potatoes and squash. It is a good value at a reasonable price, and is available without the pillar for easy portability. There is an optional carrying case available for traveling to farmers markets. You can view or purchase it here.

We also offer the IWT series which are larger, more robust and wash down. It comes with capacities of 150, 300 or 600 lbs with platforms measuring 16 x 16 or 24 x 24 inches. It is ideal for weighing plants, bags of fertilizer or large cases of produce. Find the IWT Series here.

Our XM Series offers a smaller, more portable option for weighing fruits and vegetables which is economical and easy to use. It comes in capacities of 3, 6, 12, 30 or 60 pounds and an optional stainless steel platter cover and carrying case. It also has an RS232 Interface, so you can connect it to a printer or computer. For the XM Series, click here.

Price Computing Scales

If you are looking for a price computing scale, our most popular options are the CAS Jr Price Computing Scale and the OHaus Aviator 7000. The CAS Jr. is affordable and versatile and can weigh in pounds/ounces/kg. It has a stainless steel platter for easy cleanup and allows you to program price, tare and name by product. It comes in capacities of 15, 30 or 60 pounds with an optional pole for display. You can view it or buy it at this link.

The OHaus Aviator 7000 is a versatile countertop price computing scale for retail business, and is ideal for your farm stand checkout. It offers a quick-response light touch keyboard, choice of standard D-cell or rechargeable batteries and integrated carry handles for portability and RS232 or USB connections for use with a printer. It comes in capacities of 15, 30 or 60 pounds with optional printer, paper, cables as well as in use cover available. Find the OHaus Aviator 7000 here.

Hanging Scales

If you need a Hanging Scale for your farm stand or booth, we offer the HS Series NTEP Digital Hanging Scales, available in capacities of 6, 15 or 30 pounds and also weighing in kg. They are simple, lightweight, easy to use and very portable. They come with optional hanging pan, galvanized scoop and food grade plastic scoops. Our Hanging Scales can be found at this link.

Spring Dial Scales

If simplicity is what you seek, we have a variety of spring dial scales with optional stainless steel pan. You can see them here.

At Summit Measurement, you will find value, affordability and customer service. We look forward to helping you find the scale you need.