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CCI Spring Dial Scales - Several "LCD" Models

CCI Spring Dial Scales - CCI LCD
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Our Price: $119.00

Product Code: CCI-LCD

Air Dashpot:

All Stainless Steel Body:




CCI Spring Dial LCD Series

This is an offering of any of the following Spring Dial Scales... Simply select the capacity from the dropdown menu seen above. Base price for this series is $119.00, and certain models may cost more or less than that, but each capacity price is seen in the dropdown.
You can also choose an All Stainless Steel Body, or choose to add the Air Dashpot feature for faster weight readings, and you can select a stainless steel pan with subassembly if desired. We offer many options so you can be sure to get the scale that best meets your needs. Shipping Surcharge Applies

Call us if you have any questions.

  • LCD3218-DR 32oz x 1/8oz 900g x 2g
  • LCD0512-DR 5lb x 1/2oz 2.2kg x 10g
  • LCD1001-DR 10lb x 1oz 4.5kg x 20g
  • LCD2001-DR 20lb x 1oz 4.5kg x 20g
  • LCD10K20 10kg x 20g
  • LCD2501 25lb x 1oz
  • LCD2502-DR 25lb x 2oz 11kg x 50g
  • LCD4002-DR 40lb x 2oz 18kg x 100g
  • LCD5002-DR 50lb x 2oz 22kg x 100g