What is "Under Balance" Weighing?
What the heck? Why weigh something underneath?

Many of the balances we sell offer a feature called "Under Balance Weighing". What does this mean?

Well, it means the balance is fitted with a hook underneath, usually by way of a threaded load cell.. Why? Under balance weighing hooks are primarily used to weigh large, bulky items which may not fit properly on the platform, such as a plant or an odd shaped tool, for example. Also, under balance hooks are a clever way that we can use an off-the-shelf balance for density calculations... where the item in question needs to be suspended, first in air and then in water to determine the density of the item.

The photo below shows what the under balance hook looks like on one of our balances, with a hook in the loadcell, and a simple opening cut in the desk, in this image, for purposes of a simple density calculation:

Some scales come with a hook attachment that accompanies the balance. It Is screwed into the base of the weighing mechanism, providing a hook to hang the sample on. The scales we sell that come with the hook are the PC Series and the PD Series.

Others offer the hook as an add-on option. The models which offer the optional hook are as follows:

LF 225 R
LF 224 R
HT 224 R
HT 224
PH Series
AJ Series
PBM Series
SJ Series

More questions?? Please do not hesitate to contact Summit Measurement if you would like assistance purchasing an under balance hook. We look forward to helping you make sure the next scale you buy meets your needs in the best way possible!