Our New Favorite Analytical Balance:
The HT224R

The HT224 is our new favorite analytical balance (0.0001g). The HT224 is a 220g analytical balance (0.0001g) (0.1mg) that utilizes tuning fork technology as opposed to traditional load cell or force restoration forms of measurement. Tuning fork technology provides several benefits: instant startup, virtually no warm up needed, fast results, fast zero, and increased repeatability. This is a great value for this price point.


  • Vibra┬« Tuning Fork Inside
  • Windows┬« Compatible via RS 232 Interface
  • Reads in g, mg, ct, oz, lb, oz t, dwt, GN, momme
  • Counting, %, Density
  • Accumulation, Checkweghing
  • Adjustable Filtering Levels
  • CalQuick Single Button Calibration
  • Below Balance Weighing
  • Made in Japan

Available NOW: http://www.summitmeasurement.net/VIBRA-Tuning-For...

Author: Summit Measurement