Handheld Digital Force Gauges for Sale!
High Quality Handheld Dynamometers and Force Gauges from SummitMeasurement.net

We are very excited about adding this new range of handheld digital force gauges to our product offering. We are partnering with USA based Fulcrum, Inc. to bring our customers a fantastic new range of these handheld force gauges. The smaller capacities come with chrome plated point-of-contact tips, and the larger capacities with external loadcell.

Above is the FA-50, the smallest capacity model we offer, with a resolution of 1g. Pictured are the 6 chrome plated point of contact tips for incredible versstility in application.

Above is the FA20K Digital Force Gauge, one of the highest capacities we offer in handheld force gauges. Shown with external loadcell configuration.

Author: Summit Measurement