Best Growing and Cultivation Scales for Cannabis Manufacturing
Recommendations from Cannabis Growers

Best Growing and Cultivation Scales for Cannabis Manufacturing

At Summit Measurement, we have been listening to our customers who grow cannabis, and are striving to offer a great selection of the scales that meet their needs in the cultivation process. Growers need to weigh large containers of bulk weed and whole plants. This requires a high capacity/high resolution scale with a large weighing surface for weighing large containers and a hook for weighing stalks and fresh whole plants. They need a scale that meets NTEP Legal for Trade requirements and communicates data to a computer, printer or scanner. Below are our top picks for the cannabis growing industry.

Ohaus Ranger 7000

The Ranger 7000 from Ohaus is an excellent choice for cannabis producers for many reasons. It is a high resolution scale with capacities ranging from 6 lbs (3 kg) to 70 lbs (35 kg) and accuracies ranging from 0.00002 lb (0.00001 kg) to 0.0002 lb (0001 kg). It has a large weighing platter of 14.8 x 12.2 x 1.9 inches. It is pricier, but very few scales offer this high resolution combined with such a large weighing surface to hold large batches of cannabis buds or totes of flowers. The below balance weighing hook offers the additional benefit of weighing bulk items and full stalks. Cannabis producers can use the under weigh hook for wet weighing of whole plants, which can significantly improve speed and productivity. The Ranger 7000 is NTEP Legal for Trade Class ll, or Class lll (depending which model you choose) and Measurement Canada approved, so it meets requirements of most state weighing regulators. And it features multiple communication options like RS232, USB and Ethernet to connect with popular MJ Software packages and POS Systems, support a barcode scanner or store output on a printer or flash drive. It has a large full color display and can be removed from the base and mounted on a wall. The scale is portable and easy to move around the cultivation facility for flexibility of use. The Ranger is rugged, durable, fast and precise. Its' features such as counting, checkweighing and filling will facilitate packaging edibles and other products. It is user friendly and easy to use and backed by the strong reputation of the Ohaus name and Manufacturer's warranty. You can find the Ranger at the link below:

Ohaus Ranger 3000

The Ranger 3000 is extremely popular among cannabis growers because it is Legal for Trade and Measurement Canada approved, easy to use, easy to connect to MJ Software and POS Systems and offers a large weighing platform of 8.9 x 11.8 inches with high capacity and resolution. This affordable scale is precise, fast and portable. It is considered one of the easiest scales to use on the market! The transportation handle adds to its flexibility making it easy to move around the growing facility as needed. It is also ideal for weighing edibles. The RS232, USB and Ethernet features facilitate easy communication with popular software packages and Point of Sale systems. And the popular under weighing hook (included) is ideal for hanging whole wet and dry plants for faster weighing and production. Please find the Ranger 3000 at the link below:

Intelligent Weighing AHS NTEP Hanging Scale

Versaitle scale at a great price! The AHS Hanging Scale from Intelligent Weighing Technology is NTEP approved to Accuracy Class lll for Legal for Trade Applications, and offers capacities ranging from 6 to 60 lbs with resolutions ranging from 0.01 to 0.05 lbs. It is simple to set up and use and runs on 4 "c" batteries or an optional AC Adapter. It switches easily between g, kg, lbs and lb-oz. It is popular in the cannabis industry for weighing large, oversized and bulky plants. It is the ideal solution for wet-weighing cannabis right after harvest, and for tracking weights as plants dry. The hook allows you to suspend the whole plant for the most accurate weighing. This scale is versatile, economical and portable. The batteries and compact lightweight design allow for flexibility in moving it around the grow facility. You can view the AHS Hanging Scale at this link:

Ohaus Defender 5000

The Ohaus Defender 5000 presents another option with a large weighing surface for large batches or totes. The platform size is 12 x 12 inches. The low profile format makes it easy to lift heavy containers on and off the scale. Cannabis growers like the flexible display, which tilts up and down. It is easy to see and easy to use with on screen prompts to guide the user. Defender is popular for weighing bulk items in grow and cultivation facilities because of the high resolution. Parts counting, and checkweighing features are useful for production, packaging, inventory and shipping. The Defender is robust and durable, built to withstand harsh industrial conditions. It is NTEP Class lll and Measurement Canada approved to meet state licensing regulations. And it offers multiple connectivity options for convenient data transfer and storage via RS232 and several optional interfaces. The Defender can be viewed at the following link:

A&D FG-K Series

The new FG-K Series from A & D Weighing presents another option for high capacity and high resolution with a large, low profile weighing platform. The platform measures 11.8 x 15 inches with low profile for ease of lifting heavy batches of flowers. The FG-K is a fast, robust, dependable and accurate bench scale. This scale is Legal for Trade Class lll, so it meets weights and measures regulations of various states. This is an ideal balance for complying with legal for trade requirements and maximizing profit and efficiency in a grow or cultivation facility because of its' reputation for rock solid performance, its' NTEP compliance and the ease of connecting to computers, printers and POS systems. Please see the FG-K at the link below:

A&D HV-60

The popular HV series from A&D Weighing offers high performance and high resolution in a robust, dependable bench scale. The HC-60KC is triple range with capacities 30/60/150 lbs x 0.01/0.02/0.05 lbs and 15/30/60 kg x 0.005/0.01/0.02 kg. The lighter the weighing load, the finer the accuracy becomes. This scale is Legal for Trade Class lll, which means it meets weights and measures regulations of various states, and it is Measurement Canada approved. This is an ideal balance for complying with legal for trade requirements and maximizing profit and efficiency in a grow or cultivation facility because of it's accuracy at 3 different different capacities, its Legal for Trade compliance and the ease of connecting to computers, printers and POS systems. It features reliable counting and fast, efficient portioning and filling with AutoTare, which automatically tares when weight reaches a preset range. When used together with the negative checkweighing feature, you can easily move product from a master carton on the scale to smaller containers on the production line. The stainless steel weighing pan is 13 x 16.7 inches. The scale is powered by an AC adapter or 4 "D" batteries. The batteries allow the scale to be easily moved around the production facility. See the HV-60 here:

Summit Measurement offers other models of these scales, the accessories that accompany them and many other scales as well. We have a great selection of Legal for Trade balances for the Dispensary too. Don't hesitate to let us know if there is something you cannot find, as we can help you get it! We offer quantity discounts, and when you put your order together, don't forget to ask us for a quote to get our very lowest prices. That�s why we are the single best place to buy cannabis growing scales online!