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Analytical Balance Density Determination Kit

Analytical Balance Density Determination Kit
Complete Density Kit (Analytical Resolution)
Comes with 1 year warranty, and ships for FREE.
Our Price: $1,525.00 Includes Balance, Kit and Shipping

Capacity: Various
Resolution: 0.0001 g

Product Code: AGZND




Torbal Analytical Balance Density Kit

This is a specific gravity / density determination package from SummitMeasurement.net- The kit includes a 100 or 200g Torbal AGZN Analytical Balance, with a special density kit that allows for density calculation WITHOUT the need for under-balance weighing. Typically, a "density scale" requires either a desk with a hole drilled in it, or a rather large inconvenient contraption which surrounds the balance. This package from SummitMeasurement.net is neither large, nor inconvenient.

The Package consists of:

1 x Analytical Balance (0.0001g)
1 x Excel spreadsheet with density calculations embedded (table of water density versus temperature in 0.1c increments)
1x Weighing frame
1x Sinker
1x 400ml Beaker (with support frame)


The density kit is assembled within the doors of the draft shield, and will essentially measure the weight of the sample in air, called the dry weight (Wd), and then determine the weight of the same sample immersed completely in a fluid, called the wet weight (Ww). The difference between these two (Wd-Ww) is the buoyancy of the sample in the fluid, also referred to as specific gravity.