Wrestling Scales... Why do I need NTEP? What is NTEP for Wrestling?

Wrestling and NTEP Certs Explained...

NTEP is a certification that is often referred to as the cert that makes a scale "Legal for trade". If you wanted to sell fruit by the pound, or frozen yogurt by the ounce, the scale that weighs the goods for that transaction to be valid needs to be NTEP certified... so, why do wrestlers care? We aren't going to start charging student athletes based on what they weigh!? Right? Right.

The wrestling community has taken the NTEP certification as their "stamp of approval". A scale has to pass through rigorous and strict testing to become NTEP certified, so the wrestling community has wisely taken those standards and made the cert their way to know that the scales being used for weigh-ins throughout the USA are reliable, accurate, and valid. If the US government thinks these scales is of a high enough caliber for trade to be conducted based on the reading... then we know it will be good enough for a weigh-in requirement (NTEP certs are either suggested, or required depending on the league, district, tournament, etc).

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Author: Summit Measurement