Industrial Bench Scale Comparison Tool

Scale SeriesModelsWeighing UnitsCapacitiesReadabilitiesPlafform SizeRS232NTEPWASHDOWNConstructionSpecial Features
UHR 6/15 ELlb/kg, lb/g, kg, g13.2/33 lb.0005/.001 lb11 x 13 x 4.3YESNONOCorrosion ResistantULTRA HIGH PRECISION
6/15 kg0.2/0.5 g
30/60 EL66/132 lb.002/.005 lb13 x 17.7 x 3.7YESNONOCast Alum BaseHigh capacity &
30/60 kg1 kgresolution
60/150/300 EL132/330/660 llb.005/.01/.0216.5 x 20.5 x 4.7YESNONOPremier Mulitpurpose industrial scale
60/150/300 kg2/5/10 lb
APM15/30/60/150lb, kg30/60/150/300 lb.01/.02/.05/.111 x 13 x 4.13NOYESNOStainless Steel plattterEconomical, lightweight, versatile, portable
15/30/60/150 kg.005/.01/.02/.05 kg
AFWF132/330/660lb, kg132/330/660 lb.02/.05/0.1 lb16.7 x 20.6 x 4.5NONONOCast Aluminum base, Stainless steel pillar and platformHeavy Duty, Animal Weighing
60/150/300 kg.01/.02/.05 kg
VPSVPS-506Kg, lb:decimal , lb:oz accumulation13.2 lb./6000 g0.002 lb/0.05 oz/1g11 x 13 x 3.7NONOYESStainless SteelHeavy duty. Good in harsh conditions. Easy to clean for food processing. FDA safe
VPS-512K26.4 lb/12 kg0.005 lb/0.1 oz/0.002 kg
VPS-530K66 lb/30 kg.0.01 lb/0.2 oz/0.005 kgNew Food Safe Pillar
VPS ULTRAVPS-506GUg, lb:decimal, lb:oz accumulation13.2 lb./6000 g0.002 lb/0.05 oz/1g11 x 13 x 3.7NONOYESAll Stainless SteelWashdown IP68
VPS-512KU26.4 lb/12 kg0.005 lb/0.1 oz/0.002 kgPillarFully Welded & Hermetically Sealed
VPD-530KU66 lb/30 kg.0.01 lb/0.2 oz/0.005 kgload cell. Food Safe. Ideal for meat & fish processing
V-FS132/330/660lb, kg, g, oz132/330/660 lb.02/.05/.1 lb16.7 x 20.7 x 4.5NONOYESStainless Steel housing. Aluminum frame.High Capacity, SS Washdown Bench Scale
60/150/300 kg0.5/1/2 ozMore economical choiceGreat choice for sanitary applications
0.01/0.02/0.05 kgwhen a higher capacity is needed
TITAN H50/100/200-16lb, kg, oz50/100/200 lb.01/.02/.05 lb16 x 16 x 6Avail as customYESYESStainless Steel housing and Stainless Steel frame. Sturdier, heavy dutyEasy to clean for food processing or harsh
25/50/100 kg0.005/.01/.02 kg
100/200/500-24100/200/500 lb.02/.05/.124 x 24 x 6Avail as customYESYESMore expensiveenvironments. Water/dust resistant
50/100/250 kg.01/.02/.05 kgportable
VFSW150/300-16lb, kg, g, oz150/300 lb.05/.1 lb16 x 16 x 6YESNOYESHeavy duty Stainless Washdown Indicator
60/150 kg.02/.05 kgRS232/IP67
300/600-24300/600 lb.1/.2 lb24 x 24 x 6YESNOYESSteelCheckweighing/Counting
150/300 kg.05/.1 kgHI LO GO
UFMB 30/60/150lb, kg/accumulation60/150/300 lb.02/.05/.1 lb13 x 17.7 x 3.5YESYESNOCast Aluminum baseLightweight and strong
30/60/150 kg.01/.02/.05 kg
F 30/60/120/25060/120/250/600 lb.01/.02/.05/0.1 lb16.5 x 20.5 x 4.5YESYESNODurable
30/60/120/250 kg.005/.01/.02/.05 kgEasy to set up and Calibrate
L 60/120/300/600120/250/600/1200 lb.02/.05/0.1/0.2 lb19.7 x 23.6 x 4.5YESYESNO
60/120/300/600 kg.01/.02/.05/.1 kg
Titan NBlb, kg, g, oz50/100/200 lb.01/.02/.05 lb14 x 18 x 35YESYESNOCast Aluminum base w/ stainless steel platterReliable NTEP Approved scale at a very
25/50/100 kg.05/.01/.02 kg
F100/200/500 lb.02/.05/0.1 lb16 x 20 x 4.5YESYESNOCast Aluminum base w/ stainless steel plattercompetitive price
50/100/250 kg.01/.02/.05 kg
PSCABlb75/150/300 lb.005/.01/.02 lb13 x 7.7 x 3.5YESNONOCast AlunimunA true Counting Scale in bench format
AF150/300/750 lb.01/.02/.05 lb16.5 x 20.5 x 4.5YESNONOCast Alunimun
AL300/750 lb.02/.05 lb19.7 x 23.6 x 4.5YESNONOCast Alunimun
CCI 22075/150/220/300lb, kg75/150/220/300 lb.02/.05/0.1/0.1 lb12.75 x 16.5NOYESNOSS w Al Die Cast BaseEconomical and Sturdy
35/75/100/150 kg.01/.02/.05/.05 kg
SD 93175/150/300150/330/660 lb.01/.02/.05 lb16.25 x 20.5NONONOSimple Counting & Checkweighing
75/150/300 kg.005/.01/.02 kg
BA 153300 lb0.1 lbs23.6 x 19.1 x 5.5YESNONOHigh Capacity Platform
150kg.50 gRugged and Durable. Very Accurate and Stable
Counting & Checkweighing
PENNSYLVANIA6400100 lb - 1000 lb.02 - .2 lb8 x 8/12 x 14"YESHIgh Quality Super Rugged Industrial
SCALES73002 lb - 200 lb.0002 - .02 lb8 x 8/12 x 14"YESScales Made in the USA
76002 lb - 200 lb.0002 - .02 lb8 x 8/12 x 14"YES
75002 lb - 200 lb.002 - .02 lb8 x 8/12 x 14"YES
620010/25/50/100varies12 x 14 "YESNOYESWet Counting/check weighing