Now from Summit Measurement: Bluetooth APP available for all Straightpoint Wireless Products

Now any of the Straightpoint Wireless Products can be ordered as Bluetooth in place of the handheld. Bluetooth is a free APP which allows you to remotely monitor the level of force being measured by your load cell in real time, without cables, from a safe distance of up to 164 feet. It works with Android or IOS. You just download the APP onto your smartphone or tablet and you can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled wireless Straightpoint device. Stepping back to monitor the job can give you a wider perspective, and makes high risk jobs safer.

The Bluetooth APP is easy to use, with 4 simple keys:
- Tare/Zero
- Unit of Measure ( lbs, te, kg and kN)
- Toggle between Live Load and Peak Load
- Data Log - Push button, continuous, Overload or Underload (With date/ time Stamp)
The "Peak Hold" button allows you the choice of only displaying the highest measurement.on the screen. The audible overload alarm can be set to sound, flash or vibrate when a new high or low measurement occurs. The APP also has a record and log feature for when you need to record a particular measurement for later referral. Once logged to the APP it will allow you the convenience of exporting the details of the logged measurements to your mobile device or to email them in spreadsheet format.
The Features and Benefits of the Bluetooth APP are:

Monitor remotely from a distance of up to 164 Feet (50m).
Multiple units of measurement: lbs, kg, te, kN
Peak Hold button
Measurement reporting
Export measurement report
Zero and Gross monitoring options
Audible alarm alert for high/low values
User defined resolution setup.

Any of the Straightpoint Wireless products can be ordered as Bluetooth. However the Bluetooth replaces the Wireless Handheld Controller, so it is necessary to choose one or the other.
There's much to consider when choosing to use the Handheld or Bluetooth. The Bluetooth option offers some advantages, but it also has some limitations. Bluetooth is ideal for close applications with on board data logging. Recorded data can be stored onboard or exported via a .csv file. It is simple to use. And it is much lower cost, as the APP is free. However, because it replaces the Wireless Handheld Controller, the range of use is limited to a close range of 164 feet or less, while the Wireless Handheld reaches a distance of approximately 1/2 mile.
In summary, the Bluetooth option should be considered when the job is close by and data storage is needed. In situations involving work from a farther distance it is necessary to choose the Handheld.

Call us to discuss whether the Bluetooth APP will work for your situation!