Jewelry Scales: What You Should Know Before Buying

What You Should Know About Jewelry Scales

What makes a jewelry scale different from other digital scales is really two-fold. The first is that this scale will be used for buying and selling jewelry (think gold) by weight, and the second is that this fact would suggest some unique units of measurement.

The fact that this scale will be used to conduct business means it needs to be NTEP certified and placed into service by your local weights and measures authority - or a certified representative. The NTEP certification means it is a scale that is authorized by the National Conference of Weights and Measures for being accurate to a range of different tests - making it a reliable and trustworthy device in determining weights that lead to the exchange of value.

What Are Jewelry Scales?

Jewelry scales are NTEP certified weighing scales that offer unique units of measurement for the gold and jewelry business. They are reliable balances and can be either digital or mechanical in their design and functionality.

Jewelry Scale Certification: Required By Law

The NTEP certification is required - and for the protection of consumers all over the United States. The certification is a pre-approval but the scales will also be approved and "sealed" - so that the mechanisms can't be manipulated to under or over-weight against a true calibration.

Different Types of Jewelry Scales

The main difference between approved jewelry scales will be mechanical v. digital, and the overall capacity of the scale. Most jewelry scales, as you can imagine won't need to weight hundreds of pounds or even dozens... but rather small loads with a reliable accuracy and detailed level of precision. Most weights and measures districts will require "two places" or resolution meaning 0.01g of resolution on a jewelry balance.

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