A Buyer's Guide to Food Scales

A Quick Buyer's Guide to Food Scales

There are both personal and commercial applications for food scales, and we will discuss some options for both. If you have any questions you can always call us and talk to a real person about what may be best for your application.

What Are Food Scales Used For?

Food scales is a large category of scales that can mean bakery, at home, kitchen scales, stainless steel, washable, and many other things. It is important when looking for a food scale to know what your "must have" features are.

Food Scale Must-Have Features

In your applications, consider the following as a checklist of what may or many not be important to you.

List of Food Scale Features:

1. Precision of readings
2. Different weighing units
3. High capacity
4. Digital interface
5. Washable
6. Portability
7. Size
8. Price computing (for commercial)
9. Overall cost

Affordable Food Scales from Summit Measurement

Here are some specific options for scales we have identified as really good for specific applications, ranging from hobbyist and home use to professional kitchens:

Option 1:The Affordable Kitchen Scale
Option 2:The Compact Kitchen Scale
Option 3:The Food Scale for Retail
Option 4:The Pizza Making Food Scale
Option 5:The Portion Control Scale

Find Your Next Scale with Summit If you are looking for a food scale for your application, call us and we can help you find the scale that is right for you, your job, and your budget.
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