How to Calibrate a Scale

How to Calibrate a Scale

Calibration is critical. A scale is only as good as it's most recent calibration and in today's article we will be talking about what is required to calibrate a scale.

What Is Weight Calibration?

Weight calibration is when you put a scale into it's programming mode and remind it what something feels like. Of course, different scales are calibrated different ways, but the general idea is giving the scale a reference point for it's own calculations. As a scale is used, knocked around, or even dropped - the mechanisms for weighing (even in a digital scale) require physical parts... most often load cells. The way these load cells react to load - and then display a weight... needs to be recalibrated.

Why Do We Calibrate Scales?

Calibration is what makes these scales trustworthy. If a scale is wrong, it is arguably totally worthless. The correctness of a scale is a really important thing, right!?!? Calibration is our way of making sure what the scale tells us is the truth. Technically speaking, and getting a little nit-picky, scales will always be plus or minus SOME margin of error - but calibration helps us make sure that error is marginal and irrelevant to our application.

Common Calibration Pitfalls to Avoid

It is really common to think that the 20 lb bag of rice you bought at costco can act as a calibration weight. It can't. The calibration of any scale should be done with an official calibration weight. If you have a laboratory balance, where calibration needs to happen often - many suppliers include a weight with your purchase. If you have an industrial scale to weight heavy items you will need to call a local scale dealer or service person to use a set of calibration weights. We sell calibration weights of all sizes - so if you want to get your own set, let us know. They aren't cheap but will last a lifetime.

Scale Calibration Necessities

Instructions, and weights. Instructions for your scale, and a real calibration weight is really all you need to make sure your scale or balance is calibrated to optimal performance. But each of these is an absolute requirement. If you don't have instructions on how to calibrate your specific make and model scale - and a calibration weight intended for that job... stop and call a professional.

Find Your Next Scale with Summit

We are here to help you. Call us and let us know what scale you are trying to calibrate and we can help you with what weight you need, and maybe even instructions for how to do it right the first time! Thanks for reading and happy calibrating!