Laundry Scales - Unsung Hero of Wash/Dry/Fold
While often overlooked, scales are integral to the wash/dry/fold business. They are the key point of customer interaction and a measuring tool essential to pricing the job.

Wash/Dry/Fold and Pickup/Delivery have been identified as major areas for growth in 2024 as demand for these services continues to grow and more laundromats shift toward offering or increasing these services. As you think about adding wash/dry/fold services to your store offerings or growing your current operation, it�s important to keep in mind your laundry scale. Scales are an �Unsung Hero� of the wash/dry/fold process because while often overlooked, they are a key element in the process.

Your scale is the key point where customers entrust their laundry to you and you convey a price to the customer for the services you will provide. Therefore, a precise, accurate scale is essential. By law, you must have an NTEP approved, Legal for Trade Scale for conducting business based on weight.

What does this mean? NTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program. Scales that are NTEP approved have been tested and evaluated to ensure they meet the government standards and requirements set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Any time you charge customers based on weight you must have an NTEP approved legal for trade laundry scale. NTEP laundry scales come with a Certificate of Conformance, confirming they are approved. However, it is still necessary to check with your local municipality as they may have their own rules and regulations, and they must certify your scale�s accuracy periodically.

What else to consider when buying a scale? The first way to measure a scale is its capacity. This is the maximum amount of laundry you anticipate weighing on the scale at one time. Most laundry scales have a capacity of around 150 pounds. To fit more than 150 pounds of clothes on the scale at one time is not realistic. You should also look at the resolution. This refers to the accuracy of the scale. Do you want to be accurate to the nearest pound, tenth or hundredth of a pound? Most laundry scales only need to be accurate to the tenth of a pound, enabling you to round up or down to the nearest pound. The greater the resolution of a scale the higher the price. The Tare feature is important because it allows you to subtract the cost of the laundry hamper or basket for a more accurate weight.

Where will you be using your laundromat scale? Will it go behind the counter? Will the indicator be attached to the base? To the wall? Or do you need a pillar? Will you attach it to a computer or printer? Do you want your scale to be portable? Will you take it with you for pick-up and delivery? Does the scale come with a power supply? Does it require battery? Is the battery rechargeable? Finally, you should consider the platform size. This is the weighing surface. Figure how much room you need to weigh a large laundry bag or basket. Some scales offer wire baskets to put the laundry in, but this may not be convenient for weighing a l00 pound drop-off in a heavy basket or hamper.

Summit Measurement understands laundromats and offers laundry scales for many situations. Give us a call if you need help finding the best scale for your growing business.

Caroline Colt is a co-owner of �The single best place to buy digital laundry scales online�.