Buying A Paint Mixing Scale
Paint mixing requires the utmost precision to ensure accuracy and consistency of color, tone and finish. Weighing the paint is the best way to ensure uniformity in every batch.

Why do you need a scale to weigh paint?

The most important reason for weighing paint is to eliminate human error in the paint mixing process. Paint mixing requires the utmost precision to ensure accuracy and consistency of color, tone and finish. Weighing the paint is the best way to be sure the color is uniform in every batch. Greater precision gives you more control over the mixing process. Precision allows for making changes in small increments and adding micro ingredients. We recommend a scale with readability of at least 0.1 g. It is preferable to measure in grams to make conversions and scaling easier.

It is important to choose a durable scale for mixing paint. Paints can be toxic or corrosive, and a well built scale should be able to withstand harsh conditions. Grade 304 Stainless Steel weighing pans offer extra protection from corrosive materials as well as easy cleaning. IP rated scales are easier to clean up after messy applications. Some can be wiped off and those with higher IP ratings can actually be submerged in water. Some scales come with an in-use wet or dust cover to protect the scale from spills and messes. Sealed keypads are useful to protect the inside of the scale.

Some of the features essential to paint weighing include check weighing, which can be useful to make sure each can contains a uniform amount of paint. Percent weighing makes color mixing faster and easier. Simply weigh a can of paint and tell the scale it is 100%. Then you can add colors to future cans by making each color the same percentage of the total. Accumulation is a feature that allows you to add multiple colors until reaching an accumulated total. Density or Specific Gravity Calculation can be useful for measuring contents of different ingredients. This can be done with a Below Balance Weighing Hook. Taring is important to remove the weight of the can from your calculation.

Logistical considerations include the size of the scale and the weighing pan. Will you be weighing a small amount for color development or do you need a large floor scale for 5 gallon buckets in a workshop or warehouse? Keep in mind the larger the capacity the lesser the readability. An RS232 or USB interface allows for connection to a computer or printer. While budget is an important factor, it should be noted that price increases with higher accuracy. The more decimal points in the readability the more expensive the scale.

We can help you prioritize these factors to choose the scale most appropriate for your application. You can view our entire selection of Paint Mixing Scales at the following link:

Our Top Picks

Paint Gallon Mixing Scale

The most economical model of our offerings. It offers a stable, durable and economical scale with precision of 0.1 g and a large stainless steel pan (9.84 x 8.46"). Features include: Checkweighing, Accumulation, and Underbalance Weighing. It's easy to use and calibrate.

CKT-16UH Paint Mixing Scale

This scale offers several additional features for a moderately higher price. The 35 lb/16 kg model offers the exceptional precision needed to measure in small increments at 0.1 g readability. It's tough and durable with an easy to clean 304 grade stainless steel platter (8.3 x 11.8") with drip channels to divert spills away from the internal components as well as a sealed keypad. In use dust covers are available to protect against spills. Percent Weighing is a key feature to make paint mixing easier. Also features Tare, Checkweighing, RS232 and a 5 year Manufacturers Warranty!

PH-TOUCH-16001 Touchscreen Balance

This balance offers precision of 0.1 g for 16000 grams with a durable, sturdy body and a stainless steel platter (12.6 x 8.3"). In use dust covers are available to protect the scale from messy spills. An Underweigh Hook is available for density calculation. Percent weighing is a great feature to make paint mixing easier and faster. Other features include Tare, Checkweighing and RS232.

GBK-16a High Accuracy Bench Scale

This is a Bench style scale with high accuracy of 0.1g and a large stainless steel platform (11.8 x 15.7") big enough to hold a one or 5 gallon paint can or ink tray. It's designed to stand up to the demands of rigorous industrial applications. It is easy to clean, the keypad is sealed and in use wet covers are available. It can be used with or without the pillar and has rechargeable battery for portability. Features Percent Weighing, Checkweighing, Accumulation, Tare, RS232 and a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty!

HJK-17 High Accuracy Precision Scale

This scale combines high precision and durability with many bells and whistles ideal for paint mixing. It offers extra features ideal for rigorous industrial applications. The Vibra tuning fork inside make it more rugged, resistant to vibrations and faster, ensuring excellent performance and precise results. It is IP65 rated for water and dust, making it easy to washdown after messy applications. The large stainless steel pan is 15.75 x 13.75" and can be used with or without pillar. Features counting, checkweighing, percent weighing, RS232.