Professional Ink Mixing Scale: New Options for an Old Favorite
The popular Ink Mixing Scale INK-HRB3002 has been upgraded to a new model, presenting new options for printers seeking the high resolution needed to mix ink colors.

If you are ordering an INK-HRB3002 Professional Ink Mixing Scale from Summit Measurement you will quickly find it has been upgraded to an interesting new model. Not to worry! the HRB-XG-3102 is the same accurate, durable and user friendly scale with exceptional precision and some new features! A highly sensitive built-in sensor promises fast, pin point accuracy. The larger weighing pan of 7" x 8.2" can accommodate and TARE a larger mixing surface or you can put ink directly on the stainless steel weighing pan with the recessed indent. A leveling bubble ensures accuracy and a second rear screen allows multiple users to view results concurrently. You can view the new INK MIXING SCALE HERE

Alternatively, if you still prefer the simplicity and familiarity of the Popular HRB-3002, it is now available in a rugged all stainless steel housing. Offering the same capacity and readability of 3000 g x 0.01 g, the HRB-S-3002 is durable, easy to use and clean with a high sensitivity sensor, adjustable feet and bubble level to ensure accuracy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ALL STAINLESS STEEL HRB-S-3002