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Custom Database Communication Counting Scale System
Custom Database Communication Counting Scale System
Microsoft SQL Server Compatible

List Price: $20,000.00
Custom Solutions From Only $11,549.00
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Product Code: GDBC
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We are proud to have developed a custom solution that we tailor to your database / environment that is perfect for inventory management and pack & ship applications. We have developed this solution with a Pennsylvania Scale 7600 DB, custom developed software (SQL server compatible), custom hardware with wifi signal, all integrated in a seamless package with communicates wirelessly with your network via user interface on iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, etc.

This was initially developed for the Epicor Prophet 21 (P21) inventory management system.

Package includes:
  • GDBC Database communication software (tailored to your network)
  • Pennsylvania 7600-10DB with 100 lb dual base
  • Genweigh GDBC hardware (installed)
  • Customized user interface (web-based)
  • Customized and implemented to your specific database!


The �GDBC� is a product that augments an industrial scale to provide customized remote access and system integration capabilities. This allows the scale to be more than just a measuring device, but a complete part of the industrial process. In particular, the delivered �GDBC� will integrate with your SQL server based inventory management system to allow counting of stock items by part number. This streamlines the counting process and eliminates both a source of human error, and the necessity of a sample count procedure once the piece weight is known in DB.


  • The �GDBC� shall provide an HTTP REST API for configuring scale parameters.
  • The �GDBC� shall provide an HTTP REST API for accessing scale configuration parameters.
  • The �GDBC� shall provide an HTTP REST API for accessing scale measurement / count values.
  • The �GDBC� shall serve an HTML/CSS/Javascript GUI over the network.
  • The �GDBC� shall provide a GUI compatible with web browsers for the following devices: Windows 7 PC (Chrome), iPad (Safari), iPod (Safari).
  • The �GDBC� shall be able to display the following scale values at all times: status, gross weight, tare weight, net weight.
  • The �GDBC� shall be able to display the following values when a part weight has been selected: part count.
  • The �GDBC� shall allow manual entry of a part weight.
  • The �GDBC� shall allow text entry of a part number for querying.
  • The �GDBC� shall fetch and display the following information from the database given a part number: name, weight.
  • The �GDBC� shall support display and input of weights in the following units: pounds, ounces, kilograms, grams.
  • The �GDBC� shall allow the user to zero the scale.

Performance Requirements

  • The �GDBC� shall be capable of serving a minimum of 3 simultaneous network clients.
  • The �GDBC� shall support a data refresh rate of no less than 1 update per second per client.
  • The �GDBC� shall be able to perform a minimum of 1 query per second against the database.

Interface Requirements

The �GDBC� shall connect to the database over an Ethernet connection. The �GDBC� shall be assigned a fixed IP address for use on the network. The �GDBC� shall connect to the database using username and password credentials. The �GDBC� shall not require credentials which allow writing to the the database. The �GDBC� shall not require any modification to database beyond creating a read-only account for queries.

Security Requirements

The �GDBC� shall allow HTTP access to any user or device on the network. The �GDBC� shall be accessible via SSH username/password for maintenance and upgrades. Physical Requirements The �GDBC� shall be powered from a single 110V AC electrical outlet. The �GDBC� shall connect to an Ethernet network via CAT5e or higher cabling.