Customer Highlight - Peltier Glassworks PD-3000 in use at a bottle screenprinting business in Paso Robles, CA

The PD-3000 is a great scale for so many applications, that it is sometimes hard for us to highlight it as a specific niche item. It is a 3000g x 0.1g balance that is super affordable, and super reliable. It is always fun for us to see scales like this in practice! During our last customer visit in the central coast of California, we stopped by Peltier Glassworks in Paso Robles to see how the PD-3000 was holding up after over a year of daily use.

Peltier Glassworks has been using this scale to measure out their screenprinting inks for more than one full year, and told us that the scale is still working great, and they use it all the time! The best part of this story is how simple it is. They bought the scale from us, we delivered it, showed them how to use it, and it is still working to this day!

A bit about the customer:

"Peltier Glassworks is a bottle labeling company specializing in screen printing . We are passionate about product packaging and committed to creating unique and functional labels for our clients.

Whether you're a boutique winery looking for a couple dozen cases or a large brewery looking for hundreds, we can help you reach your desired goals. With great prices and quick turnaround, Peltier Glassworks can meet your labeling needs and increase your bottom line." (from their website)

Author: Summit Measurement