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Magstir Genie

MagStir Genie from Summit Measurement
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List Price: $625.53
Our Price: $549.00
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Product Code: SI-0300




Programmable Magnetic Stirrers

The Magstir Genie from Scientific Industries is a Programmable Magnetic Stirrer designed to safely and reliably mix liquid volumes up to 2 liters ( 1 Liter per position for MultiMag Stir Genie). It features high and low speed ranges with reverse and interval stirring and 3 power levels for various sample viscosities. The manual mode provides stir, stir reverse and time functions. Profile mode allows user to quickly program speed, ramp rate, stir direction, time ( including pause) and power level. And it has the ability to save up to 4 stirring programs.

We offer choice of 2 models:

Magstir Genie Operates at a speed of 10 - 1800 RPM. It has one stirring position and a maximum stirring capacity of 2 Liters.

MultiMag Stir Genie Operates at a speed of 10 - 1200 RPM with 4 stirring positions and a maximum stirring capacity of 1 L each.

Select Model in OPTIONS

Not recommended for use in CO2 incubators.

Unmatched Reliability. Many years of proven performance in laboratories all over the world. Manufactured in the United States!
Comes with 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 10 - 1800 RPM / 10 - 1200 RPM
  • Timer: 1 - 99 hours
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Power Levels: Low, Medium, High
  • Selectable Ramp Rates: 5 - 300 rpm/second
  • Maximum Stirring Positions: 1 / 4
  • Maximum Stirring Capacity: 2 L / 1 L ea position
  • Memory: Up to 4 user defined profiles
  • 120 V
  • Comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty