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Pennsylvania Scales Model 7600

Pennsylvania Scale 7600 counting scale
Pennsylvania Scale 7600 Counting
Several Capacities Available
List Price: $1,150.00
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Capacity: Various
Resolution: Various

Product Code: 7600




Pennsylvania Scale Company 7600 Counting and Shipping Scale

Fast, accurate and powerful.
From simple one-button counting to sophisticated inventory control systems, the 7600 Series bench counting scales have a long list of features designed to adapt to your changing needs, including: Single or dual base counting. Percent of Error or Accuracy, Sample Update. Use it for many different counting methods including: One Step Counting, Auto Sample Updates, 2 Step Counting with Unique Sample Size, Counting with Pieces and Tare Weights, Top End Counting, Auto Sample Bulk Counting and Negative Counting. Powerful, RS-232 and rugged cast construction. Clean efficient design means impressive accuracy, stable counting and flexibility to meet many weighing requirements.

Pennsylvania Scale 7600 is an essential shipping scale. It's useful for shipping or receiving verifications or shipping manifest systems. Important SPC/SQC quality control scale. It's also a useful Industrial counting scale for inventory and production. Comes with a 4 Year Warranty!

Several capacities available, see dropdown for details.

Made in the USA, Pennsylvania Scales are always in stock. No need to wait for a container shipment to arrive and no price increases, tariffs and customs duties. Call us today to place your order for the Pennsylvania 7600 Counting Scale! We can customize it to meet your needs.
View many different ways to count with the PA model 7600
View this video to see how easy it is to calibrate the 7600!
Changing the time and date on the PA 7600
  • 1:16 million internal counts
  • 10,0000 displayed weight graduations
  • Programmable data outputs
  • One button operation plus enhanced features for better accuracy
  • Sample Update (tm) sample enhancement feature
  • Rugged cast construction
  • Made in USA
  • Available as Bench Counting Scales or as Digital Indicators
  • Large platforms: 12 x 14" SS for capacities 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 lbs;
  • 8 x 8" for highly sensitive 2 and 5 lbs capacity models
  • 4 Year Limited Warranties - the best in the business!