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Precisa HM-A Laboratory Analytical Touchscreen Balance

Precisa HM-A Laboratory Analytical Touchscreen Balance


Product Code: HM-120A



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Summit Measurement is proud to introduce a new and incredibly exciting balance from our friends at Intell-lab. The brand new HM Series of Analytical Balances from Precisa is one of the most technologically advanced series of laboratory balances that we have to offer.
This highly precise analytical balance brings all of the most advanced lab balance features (detailed below), quite literally, to the user's fingertips. The H series eliminates lengthy manuals, takes mystery out of buttons, and explains itself as needed. The Help Screen answers questions that may come up.
The HM Series is equipped with a multitude of features that ensure accurate, reliable results in all types of changing laboratory conditions. Some of the standout features of the H Series are as follows:

  • Touch Screen: Allows operators to see and control the full operation of the balance with a touch of the finger.
  • Help: The Help Icon makes searching for answers within a complicated manual quick and easy.
  • Communication and interfacing: USB A and B, Ethernet and RS 232 interface come standard, additional interfaces are available as add-ons.
  • Apps: Useful applications can easily be downloaded (just like apps for a smartphone) for customizable use.
  • Users: The balance can be programmed to allow access to specific users, increasing security. The program also allows you to set the operation for left or right handed users.
  • Self-Linearization System (SLS): The fully automatic self-linearization system detects changes in the environment and automatically linearizes the balance. The internal weights are protected from dust and liquid, ensuring a precise balance.
  • Optical Stability Indicator and Predictor: The optical indicator speeds up in a high ambient environment and slows down when there is less stability, allowing for more certainty with results.
  • Electronic Precision Level: The balance monitors itself constantly for horizontal alignment. A warning will appear on the display and an electronic guided display will activate, allowing a quick and accurate adjustment.

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