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WT2002TC Textile Scale with Cutter

WT2002TC Textile Scale with Cutter
Cut one sample, weigh in GSM mode. It is that easy.
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Capacity: 200 g
Resolution: 0.01 g

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Fabric Weighing System

This popular fabric weighing system is designed for the specific purpose evaluating fabric quality by weighing cloth (textiles) in grams per meter squared or ounces per yard squared with an accuracy of one hundredth of a gram (0.01 g). It comes with a twist style rotary textile cutter, a laboratory quality balance with capacity of 200 grams and resolution of 0.01 gram as well as a cutting pad and a 200 gram calibration weight and ac adapter. The scale and the cutter can be purchased separately, although it is recommended to use them together.

Weighing fabric is hard to do, as typically it comes in rolls or various swatch sizes... This cutter and scale combo provides a standard to compare against. GSM (Grams per Square Meter) is a standard for weighing textiles by measuring the weight of a known area of fabric.

Here is how it works: The manual rotary GSM cutter has a four razor blade design, and cuts a diameter of 4.442 inches (113 mm) from your textile sample. The outcome is a sample of your fabric that is exactly 100 sq centimeters. This equates to 1/100th of a square meter. The scale converts the weight of the actual sample, to the uniform weighing unit known as GSM. (Grams per square meter).

This kit comes with everything you need. Just bring your swatch, cut it, weigh it, and the WT2002TC Textile Scale tells you GSM of that sample. EASY.

Replacement blades, cutters, pads and power cord available ( see recommended accessories below).

**A note about CAPACITY: The capacity of this balance is 200 grams. NOT 200 gsm. Since the sample is much smaller than one square meter, the applied load of the sample will be much less than the GSM value of that sample. This kit will be able to handle the sample weight of even the heaviest denims or neoprenes without a problem.

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