When you don't need the NTEP cert... The AWS440 is for you.

NTEP or Auto-Hold Wrestling Scales...

The AWS440 is a wrestling scale that we created to fit the needs of the wrestling community. We had requests for a portable scale, in a hardshell carrying case, with a fast processing time, and a higher capacity than normal. We were asked for an "NTEP Quality" scale, but the actual certification was unnecessary as the tournaments and leagues obviously weren't charging their student athletes by weight! This led us to design the AWS440.

The AWS440 is the same construction and components of the APM3CSE, but with an AUTO HOLD weight locking feature that locks the weight upon stability. This means that the scale can have a smaller platform, be ultra portable, AND you can rest assured in a stable reading. The scale (with optional auto hold function enabled) will beep at you and lock the weight of the wrestler when the weight becomes stable. This is a great way for the officials and the student to know what the weight is, no questions of weight shifting due to imbalance, etc.

The AWS440 is an excellent choice when looking for an NTEP quality wrestling scale, but there is not need for the actual cert.

Author: Summit Measurement