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Zerostat3 Anti Static Gun

Zerostat3 Anti Static Gun
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Eliminate Static Electricity

Static electricity is all around us. We usually don't notice it, but it can wreak havoc in the lab. Just as static electricity attracts pieces of paper and plastic, it can attract metals to one another. This means that a balance which has been calibrated may weigh differently when a plastic boat, for example, is placed on the platter. The static in the boat will be attracted to the pan and the metal parts of the balance will be attracted to everything around it. An activity as simple as pouring powder into a weigh boat on the balance platter can end in disaster as the powder can often be seen to change direction in mid-air and stick to the nearest attracting surface.

This Antistatic Gun is a simple solution for the static problem. It generates either a positive charge or a negative charge, depending on if you are squeezing or releasing the trigger. The charges are generated by the excitation of piezoelectric crystals, and by skillful use of the trigger, most static conditions can be neutralized. The Zerostat is cost effective, easy to use. It has a finite life of approximately 10,000 “Squeeze cycles”. You control the electrostatic situation by actively generating negative or positive ions.