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Authorized distributor

Here at Summit Measurement we pride ourselves on being an authorized distributor for each of the product brands that we carry. What does it mean to buy from an authorized distributor?

  • Summit Measurement offers the same protections and special offers that the manufacturer provides. This means that you can relax knowing that your purchase will be protected by the manufacturer�s warranty, as well as benefit from any special offers, rebates or promotions. Only authorized resellers can provide the paperwork that qualifies rebates and warranty issues.
  • Only our manufacturers� choicest products are shipped out to customers. Summit Measurement has a special agreement with all of our manufacturers ensuring that our customers receive products that are newly-manufactured, properly calibrated, working properly and stored in the most ideal environment for the product.
  • Summit Measurement is held to the highest standards and accountability by our manufacturers and customers. Unauthorized third party dealers have been known to sell products of compromised quality or questionable origins. Altered serial numbers�to avoid tracking the origins of the unit�void the warranty of a product. Some sellers will sell refurbished products without informing the customer. Likewise, some unauthorized dealers sell products not meant for sale in the US, with different voltages, accessories or manuals than are specified in the product listings. With an authorized dealer such as Summit Measurement, these issues are simply not a concern.
  • We guarantee that service and maintenance of your product will continue long after you have made your purchase. We promise to make ourselves available to assist you and work with both you and the manufacturer in case of any issue with the product. At Summit Measurement we want to ensure that your investment in one of our products is a worthwhile and lasting investment.

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