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Wireless Compression Load Cell

Wireless Compression Load Cell
Calculate Center of Gravity with Insight Software!

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Straightpoint Wireless Load Cell

The Straightpoint Wireless Compression Load Cell is taking the heavy lift and structural weighing industry by storm. By adding the wireless system to the already popular compression load cell line Straightpoint has developed a cost effective alternative to standard compression load cells for determining Center of Gravity or Confirmation of mass. By pairing the Wireless Compression Load Cells with popular SP software you easily display and monitor loads and/or confirm mass and center of gravity before finalizing a lift plan.

The Straightpoint Wireless Load Cell combines Straightpoint wireless technology with their already popular compression load cell line to offer a cost-effective alternative to standard compression load cells. Used to calculate Center of Gravity or for Confirmation of mass, SP Wireless Load Cells allow engineers to complete large scale projects in a fraction of the time previously required because there are no cables involved.. Maintenance costs are all but eliminated due to the absence of cables and connectors. The extreme flexibility of the SP Wireless load cell opens the door to numerous new applications in the heavy lift, energy, defense, rigging, shipping and general transportation sectors. Popular applications include Weighing/comfirmation of mass, Calculation and confirmation of Center of Gravity, static structural compressive load monitoring & testing, Dynamic structural compressive load monitoring and testing up to 200Hz and Compressive Proof Testing of lifting components, hydraulic cylinders, shoring columns, etc.

Straightpoint's Wireless Compression Load Cells are machined from high grade stainless steel and lightweight aerospace aluminum, providing excellent strength and corrosion resistance and making them easy to handle and minimizing transportation cost. The heavy duty, compact load cell utiliizes Straightpoint's advanced microprocessor based electronics and benefits from unrivaled resolution and accuracy. Data transmission is unmatched in performance and capable of a transmission range of up to 2300 feet.

What is IP 67 Protection? Click here to learn more

Please note that Wireless Compression Cell pricing is for the load cell only. It is designed for use with SW-HHP, Insight Software or it can be Bluetooth.

Two versions of the WNI are available:
- Long range 2.4GHz version providing industry leading wireless range of 1000m or 3280ft to SP's SW-HHP handheld or INSIGHT software.
- Bluetooth output and can be connected to any smart phone running our free HHP app on iOS or Android at ranges up to 100m or 328ft.

Connected to our wireless centre of gravity software (INSIGHT) the WNI loadcell can be used to weigh and verify center of gravity of large and heavy objects which may not be evenly proportioned. The system will report weight on each individual loadcell, total weight and C of G in an html report based on ISO19901. The load cells will easily display and monitor loads and/or confirm mass and calculate the Center of Gravity of a load before finalizing a lift plan.

ATEX-ICECx Verstion Available for Hazardous Areas, Zones 0, 1 & 2 CLICK TO LEARN MORE


NOW AVAILABLE CONFIGURED FOR BLUETOOTH. To be paired with our free iOS and Android Application from Straightpoint and Summit Measurement. You can save hundreds of dollars ordering without the SW-HHP handheld...See dropdown options above, or:

View the Straightpoint SW-MWLC Multiple Wireless Load Cell Controller here and consider the applications for your compression load cell!
Learn more about the Bluetooth option with this video!
Features and Benefits:

  • Proprietary 2.4 GHz Wireless
  • Industry leading wireless range of 2300 ft/700 m
  • Connects to SW-MWLC, WCOGS & SW-PTP Software
  • Error free data transmission
  • Internal antennae
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67/NEMA 6
  • No cable assemblies required
  • Unrivalled resolution
  • Unmatched battery life of 1200 hours
  • Compact size
  • Remote on/off
  • Design validated by F.E.A.
  • Bluetooth option available and supplied with a free HHP APP for IOS and Andrdoid