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<h1>Straightpoint Compound Plus - Multiple Point Load Monitoring Systems</h1>

Straightpoint Compound Plus - Multiple Point Load Monitoring Systems

The Compound Plus from Summit Measurement is a multiple wireless load cell system based on the popular Straightpoint Radiolink plus.

The Compound plus load cell is a Radiolink supplied without the SW-HHP handheld display. It allows you to build a cost effective wireless load monitoring system using up to 126 wireless loadcells. These can then be simultaneously transmitting to a PC or Windows tablet running Straightpoint INSIGHTsoftware via a USB transceiver.

Proprietary 2.4 GHz Wireless
Up to 126 load cells in a single system
Industry Leading Wireless Range of 700m/2300ft
Error Free Data Transmission at speeds up to 200Hz
Environmentally Sealed to IP67/NEMA6
Internal Antenna
Remote On-Off
Lightweight aluminum construction
Unmatched Battery Life of 1200 hours
Data log in real time to spreadsheet
Display individual loads and total loads

This product is quoted per order, based on your needs, number of units, etc. Please call 855-972-2537 to speak with a customer support specialist.

Protective Handheld Rubber Boot

Protective Handheld Rubber Boot

This 70SHA protective rubber boot is purpose moulded to fit and protect the HHP and SW-HHP Straightpoint Handheld devices. The boot is drop tested to one metre at -30 degrees C and protects against impact in the harshest industrial environments.

Our Price: $110.00
SU3282 Wall or Cab Mount Bracket

Wall or Cab Mount Bracket

Constructed from stainless steel and fitted with a viewing angle adjusting mechanism the SU3282 bracket fits either the HHP or SW-HHP handheld displays. Ideal for wall or cab mounting leaving the operators hands free to work safely.

Our Price: $243.00
Ten meter cable assembly for Self-Indicating Straightpoint Units

Cable assembly for Self-Indicating Straightpoint Units

6 way HHP Connecting cable assembly for self-indicating cabled load monitoring loadcells. Available in 10 meter, 20 meter, 30 meter or 50 meter size.

Our Price: $325.00
Wireless USB Dongle

Wireless USB Dongle

Wireless USB Dongle

Our Price: $1,036.00
SA-3420 External Amplifier

External Amplifier

The SA-3420 external amplifier allows you to convert the output of any of Straightpoint cabled load cell products into a three wire 4-20mA analog output.
The weatherproof enclosure is fitted with stainless steel glands and is suitable for connection to a PLC, data logger or other instrumentation.

Our Price: $1,413.00
Handheld Plus Display for  Wired Load Cells

Handheld Plus for Cabled Loadcells

  • Digital Handheld Display
  • Rugged and Versatile
  • For use with Straightpoint cabled Load Cell Products

Our Price: $2,080.00
Wireless Load Cell Transmitter

Wireless Load Cell Transmitter

The SA700C transmitter connects to strain gauge transducers such as load cells, torque sensors and pressure transducers allowing them to form part of a Straightpoint wireless system.

Our Price: $3,245.00 Want our best price? Request a quote!