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JA King Fabric Yield System

Fabric cutting and weighing kits are essential to determining whether your textiles meet quality expectations. Our Textile Weighing Kits consist of a cutter to measure a small sample of fabric paired with a scale which is programmed to measure the exact sample size in Grams/Meter Squared (GSM) or Oz/Sq Yd - no calculations necessary!

The JA KING Fabric Yield System consists of the rugged, high quality SASD-688 fabric cutter from JA King , 100 cutting pads (CP362) and a custom programmed digital balance which calculates GSM or Oz/Sq Yd in a variety of configurations for you to choose from.. You can buy the cutter or the scale separately, but it should be noted that they are programmed to work together so should not be mixed with other scales/cutters. The KING Fabric Yield System is ideal for heavy use, frequent or daily fabric cutting, or heavy or delicate fabrics. You can choose configurations that vary from grams/sq meter to oz/sq yard and for cutting 1 sample or 8 samples (by folding the fabric) at a time. You can also choose English or Metric blade. The textile cutter blade consists of a single, complete die and operates with a punching motion. Also available are replacement cutting pads and blades, or you can choose to have your cutting blades reground.

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